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i played this on discord in a large group and everyone loved it 10/10 would yeet again

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad y'all had a great yeet!


is this a solo game or is it meant to be multiplayer?


It's a really quick and easy solo game but you could totes trade scenarios with your friends and compare and contrast who you yeeted into the sun. 


Although by a different designer than BAD MOON, this feels almost like a companion piece or counterpoint.

Game is sort of a loose term here. You play by throwing someone into the sun and then getting away with it. There's tables to help with this, and the whole thing has a sort of ritual feel.

Probably underrated here is the game's layout, which I think if someone had showed to me without any text and said "it's about polite anger", I would have immediately agreed. Again, like BAD MOON, the layout and the rules are on exactly the same wavelength, and it's strongly internally consistent, which makes it pretty punchy despite the half-jokey tone.

I dunno that it's for me, but I want to clarify that's not meant as a judgement. I think anyone who reads the description and thinks "that sounds cathartic" will get something out of it, whereas anyone who reads the description and feels uneasy won't.


I had never head of BAD MOON before. I'm going to check it out because of this comment. Thanks for taking the time to check out my game. 


I had actually had a conversation about this with my friends, fun to find that there's a game based off of it! We will definitely be playing, either over the phone or when it's safe to hang out again!


I love this. I hope you have some good laughs. <3 


A game that plays like a poem to help vent frustration against particular hateful parties.


Well, I'm not really pro-violence but I'm not against stories! 

I rolled dice. And I had to eat the transphobes, but I don't eat non-consenting animals. Plus they probably taste bad ;) So, they made a one-way trip to the sun. I promise, they suddenly were attracted by this shiny sun! 

Thanks for this quick & funny game!


Hey thanks for trying my game!

I'm glad you were able to eventually find a trip to the sun that worked for you. XD
It's definitely meant to be more of a quick silly game with a ridiculous  end for some icky people. I was thinking of rewording some of it to make it clearly more cartoonish then actually violent so thank you for the feedback! <3